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Scenius recognizes network effect on creativity

Encountered the concept, coined by Brian Eno, via Steven Johnson: a “scene” where there’s an extraordinary amount of innovation and creative output, like Silicon Valley over the last twenty years and Camp 4 in Yosemite for climbing

“It is the communal form of the concept of the genius.” — Brian Eno

Ugly word, interesting concept.

This is what companies imagine happening at their companies through open office floorplans 🤔🙄

Kevin Kelly adds some elements or characteristics that help foster scenius:

  • Mutual appreciation
  • Rapid exchange of tools and techniques
  • “Success[es are] claimed by the entire scene”
  • A tolerant surrounding community

Can there be virtual scenius? Seems like it applies if that’s where people spend their time.

fascinating research Geoffrey West and others had published on the relationship between innovation and the size of cities. The studies found that cities display a pattern of “superlinear scaling” where creativity is concerned—for instance, a city that is ten times larger than its neighbor isn’t, on average, ten times more innovative; it is actually seventeen times more innovative.

Steven Johnson

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