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Watched Sandman S1E1&2

Watched Sleep of the Just from

While searching for an escaped nightmare in the waking world, Morpheus falls prey to Roderick Burgess, an occultist looking to summon and imprison Death.

First episode a little slow but more interesting than Preludes and Nocturnes from my memory (I almost quit reading before volume 2). Charles Dance is always great, smart casting to get a big name for that role to make the first episode hold up. Though it’s a bad sign when you need to end the episode with a teaser for all the exciting action in the rest of the season rather than setting up interest to continue watching within the story.

I like the guy they cast as Dream though his voice took a little getting used to, wasn’t what I’d envisioned. They did a good job of making Dream creepy when he doesn’t speak for most of the episode, angling his body awkwardly before the camera and keeping the cold silent stare. Helm looks great, ruby looks too small from my memory.

Episode 2, choked up over Gregory, but I’m not a fan of the Cain and Abel story.

They’re doing a pretty good job of keeping Dream sympathetic while showing his faults, like him even admitting he could have forgiven Alex for killing Jessamy and been released decades earlier, and refusing to call on his siblings for aid.

Big CGI budget for the show but they skimped on the credit sequence 😬

Not sure how I feel about it so far 🤷‍♀️

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