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Watched Sandman S1E4

Watched A Hope in Hell from

A lead on the whereabouts of his helm compels Morpheus to seek an audience with Lucifer. A confused John receives a helping hand from a good Samaritan.

Didn’t like Gwendolyn Christie’s Lucifer — showed too much vulnerability and emotion IMO. Mazikeen looked cool but I’m not sure if her emotions were quite right either — still happy to actually see her true form instead of the perfect visage she had in the Lucifer show.

Dropping some more hints that Sandman is a … complicated hero at best.

Hell was visually very cool. Can’t remember how much came straight from the comic. The red carpet at the entry gate being blood is a nice touch.

Tom Sturridge doing a good job portraying the gravitas of Morpheus.

The raven is growing on me though the way it moves sometimes seems a bit out of place from the script. I think it’s a real bird?

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