Planning a self-pub book launch

Listened Book Launch Plans: The Mega Episode (Reair) by an author from

Episode 130 / It’s back to the archives this week for one of our most popular episodes. Jami and Sara share how they launch a book, covering tactics for low-, medium-, and high-budget launches as well as sharing beau·coup tips about what’s working for book launches right now.

Promo graphics really important for romance

Cover reveals are a big thing in romance

Can ask people to follow you on bookbub

Can ask other authors to do a newsletter swap, post a giveaway on their Facebook page, send them an ARC

Goodreads giveaway, librarything giveaway

Do paid promos in newsletters

Build your list even before you release a book

Fine to do a preorder even if you’re a new author — two weeks even, to give you the promo link to post early

Email your list with the first few chapters as a teaser and a preorder link

Can segment your list and send release reminders on different days

When first starting out, pick just 2-3 tactics to focus on

Advertising romance on Amazon successfully is $$$

Use your back matter effectively and be sure to update with each new release

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