August COVID roundup

An organization making it happen — it is possible to put your community first and protect the people who are part:

Long Covid now has three types – and each has its own set of symptoms (The Independent)

  1. neurological symptoms including fatigue, brain fog and headache
  2. respiratory symptoms, including chest pain and shortness of breath.
  3. range of symptoms including heart palpitations, muscle ache and pain, and changes in skin and hair.


1 in every 20 people who catch Covid-19 have long-term smell or taste problems as a result, according to research published in the BMJ which reviewed data from 18 studies involving 3,699 patients.

I’ve had “pine mouth” where all food tasted revolting for two weeks after eating pine nuts, and I threw away homemade pie because I thought it had gone bad, and a few years later something else where I was convinced anything with vinegar in it was bad for a week — turns out a lot of stuff has vinegar, like mayonnaise. Both of those instances really sucked, and I can’t imagine them lasting six months.

Distinguishing features of Long COVID identified through immune profiling, Klein et al. (Pre-print)

215 individuals were included in an exploratory, cross-sectional study to perform multi-dimensional immune phenotyping in conjunction with machine learning methods to identify key immunological features distinguishing Long COVID…Integration of immune phenotyping data into unbiased machine learning models identified significant distinguishing features critical in accurate classification of Long COVID, with decreased levels of cortisol being the most significant individual predictor.

Findings broken down by one of the study’s authors:

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