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Read Eclipse the Moon

Read Eclipse the Moon (Starlight’s Shadow, #2)

Kee Ildez has been many things: hacker, soldier, bounty…

Second book in the series is still very strong on the sci-fi plot, with slightly more steam than the first book but still a pretty light romance.

Heroine is coded ADHD to me, with hyperfocus, a constant need for motion, and memory hacks for her poor short-term memory mentioned. She also shows extreme emotional responses probably meant to be Rejection Sensitivity, and has self-esteem issues about not being perfect.

I didn’t like the hero’s reasoning for refusing to be with her, and also didn’t understand what changed his mind. With the way the men in these books are obsessed with honor and vows, I don’t really understand how they made it through a war.

Too much technical info on hacking and some of the fight scenes were too focused on blocking — too many people in a scene doing different things that I didn’t need to hear about.

The hero makes a move at the end that mimics the heroine’s decision midbook, I’m not sure that was successful in conveying emotional growth if it was meant to.

By Tracy Durnell

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