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Watched Westworld S4E1

Watched The Auguries from

Seven years after the demise of Rehoboam, events are set in motion that reunite allies and enemies.

So, I have very little idea what’s going on in this show, except that apparently life sucks for everyone. Are they all living in shitty video games? Unclear. It has been a loooong time since season 3 and I basically remember a handful of character deaths and no plot.

Caleb’s wife gets two thumbs down from me: neg him for having PTSD and worrying about the family’s safety, neg him for being a shitty dad when he’s teaching his daughter things that matter to him and some of his feelings rub off on his daughter, jokingly threaten divorce instead of saying please, fuck off lady. You would both be happier with a divorce.

Surprise reappearance of a character I was wondering if they’d ever follow up on.

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