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Read East: 120 Vegan and Vegetarian recipes from Bangalore to Beijing

Modern, vibrant, easy-to-make food. East is a must-have whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply want to eat more delicious meat-free food.

Drawing from her ‘New Vegan’ Guardian column, Meera Sodha’s stunning new collection also features plenty of brand-new recipes inspired by a wide range of Asian cuisines. There are warming noodles, curries, rice dishes, tofu, salads, sides and sweets, all surprisingly easy to make and bursting with exciting flavours. Taking you from India to Indonesia, Singapore to Japan, by way of China, Thailand, and Vietnam, East will show you how to whip up a sprout nasi goreng and a swede laksa; how to make Kimchi pancakes, delicious dairy free black dal, and chilli tofu. There are sweet potato momos for snacks and unexpected desserts like stem ginger chocolate truffles and matcha roll cake.

Only flagged ten recipes to try, too many recipes called for ingredients that are hard to get, and not that many sounded like both I and my husband would like them.

I liked the cover art and illustrations throughout. Beautiful photo staging.

Author lives in London, and is of Indian heritage. Interestingly, she wrote in the intro that she had a toddler and couldn’t travel for inspiration like she’d done for her previous books, so she asked around people she knew for ideas and favorites, and visited restaurants around London.

By Tracy Durnell

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