Watched How to Plan a Series: Arcs

Watched How To Plan And Write A Series Video #2: Character Arcs, Story Arcs, & Series Arcs from YouTube

Welcome back to Part 2 of an 8-Part series on “How To Plan & Write A Series”. In today’s video, we’re going to discuss the differences between character arcs, story arcs, and series arcs. We’ll also discuss what each element is and how it plays into an overall series.

  • Wound or “ghost” in their past –> the lie they believe about themselves –> the false self they present
  • “Mirror moment” – ‘what have I become?’ at midpoint –> transformation –> true self

Common story archetypes:

  • quest
  • overcome the monster
  • rags to riches
  • voyage and return
  • rebirth

Series arc = story arc over multiple books

Can have multiple series arcs in a series

Don’t *have* to have a series arc in an episodic series

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