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The Geek’s Guide to Long COVID

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The Geek’s Guide To Long Covid is offers information on how to use technology like apps and wearables to collect data, monitor your health and self-advocate with medical staff. Plus general info and news on Long Covid.

Signs of autoimmune disease, difficulty exercising noted 1 year after COVID (CIDRAP)

Two studies published today in the European Respiratory Journal describe long-COVID findings, one revealing signs of autoimmune disease in 41% of blood samples taken 1 year after recovery, and the other showing that 23% of patients still had exercise intolerance a year after hospital release.

Small sample size? (106 studied + 56 baseline)

Two-Year Health Outcomes in Hospitalized COVID-19 Survivors in China (JAMA Network)

In this longitudinal cohort study that included 1864 patients, the most common symptoms at 2 years after SARS-CoV-2 infection were fatigue, chest tightness, anxiety, dyspnea, and myalgia, and most symptoms resolved from 1-year to 2-year follow-up, although the incidence of dyspnea showed no significant change.

People still short of breath two years later 😔


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