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Watched Under the Dome S1E1

Watched Under the Dome from

An invisible and mysterious force field descends upon a small actual town of Chester's Mill, Maine, USA, trapping residents inside, cut off from the rest of civilization. The trapped townspeople must discover the secrets and purpo…

Trying out different shows to see if there’s anything besides Star Trek worth watching on Paramount+ since we didn’t like either new Trek series. Not this 😉

I thought this was sci-fi but seems to be more drama with a heavy dose of gore. (Except they didn’t even get the gore right? They sliced a cow in half and the inside is shown as just a solid blob of meat, rather than having bones and internal organs, but they just kept showing it. Stop, it’s gross and annoyingly inaccurate 😂) In the pilot alone there’s a murder, a kidnapping, multiple seizures, a plane explosion where a severed leg lands next to someone, and hints of blackmail and political scandal. Seems like they set up plenty of storylines 🤷‍♀️

By Tracy Durnell

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