Watched How to Write a Novel from Scenes

Watched How To Write A Novel From Scenes Writing Great Scenes Video 5 from YouTube

I’m so excited for this video, because it’s the most in-depth and specific I’ve ever gotten in explaining how I go from a spark of an idea to a full-length novel.

0:00 Intro
2:18 Get An Eagle Eye View
6:06 Brainstorm Scenes
10:23 Fill In The Gaps
11:19 Example of Scene Cards
21:45 Start Writing
30:20 Final Thoughts

  • pair the most dramatic genre moments with the big plot points

Ideas for brainstorming scenes:

  • imagine imagery
  • imagine the character going through their life
  • what are the obstacles between the pair?
  • when is their first kiss?
  • when do they tell each other they love each other?

Make sure you know the hook of the scene, and the outcome of the scene to work towards as you write

After writing each scene, check in with your outline and see if it needs an adjustment / another scene inserted

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