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NaNoWriMo 2022 Day 2

Today I finished writing the hero’s long scene I started yesterday, then turned to my heroine’s misbelief origin story. I outlined it and spent an hour sprint writing the first…half probably. I started thinking through a second misbelief driver, but that one hasn’t coalesced into a scene yet — and may not need to. I also spent a moment contemplating another misbelief scene for the hero, but decided that didn’t need a scene either.

I wrote for two hours this morning — which felt somewhat agonizing — then another two hours this evening — which was much easier to get going. I felt pretty tired a lot of the afternoon and chilled out reading a home decor book and some articles, but my energy improved after dinner.

Tomorrow I can finish up the heroine’s scene. I’m not sure I have her voice down well enough to write the book’s opening scene yet, so I might write out another misbelief scene for her to get a feel for her when she’s older (she’s fifteen in the scene I’m writing, and twenty-nine in story time).

By Tracy Durnell

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