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NaNoWriMo 2022 Days 4 & 5

A tough couple days. Wrote about 45 minutes yesterday and quit with a headache, then our power went out until 2 today. My headache finally went away after dinner tonight, but I wanted to finish watching the movie I started last night that got cut off by the power outage 😂 I finally dragged myself to the computer around 10pm, and once I was there cranked out three pomodoros pretty easily.

I used to be big on pomodoros but have been more focused on longer work blocks recently, since Cave Day hosts 45-50ish minute sessions. They worked really well for me today so I’m going to try them out more when I need to write on my own. Instead of an online timer, I used a Time Timer, which I am liking for everything I try it for. I used to use an hourglass but I think I like the timer style better.

Still chugging my way through my heroine’s second misbelief scene: essentially a way for me to put her misbelief in her own mouth and see how it’s shaping her decisions. Really coming together today — and helping me see where I haven’t pushed her problems far enough. Somewhat silly problem: I don’t like the playlist I put together for my heroine 😂 I created a new one and I’m copying the tracks I like for her — and that I like listening to — into it.

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