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NaNoWriMo 2022 Day 7

I’m falling into a rhythm of two blocks of writing a day, one in the morning / mid-day, the other after dinner. Today I did my usual 3-hour Cave, writing for two and a half hours and outlining for another half hour. Then in the evening I hopped on Discord with a friend and after shooting the shit for an hour and a half, we got to writing. I put in three more pomodoros, though the pace was a bit slower than previous days and by eleven I was definitely fading.

I’ve stretched this scene twice as long as it needs to be already, and am not quite done yet 😭 Hopefully another five hundred words will get me there tomorrow.

I know I haven’t done a good enough job conveying the female MC’s misbelief, so I could either try adding it in tomorrow while I’m finishing the scene, or could make myself a note and save it for revision. That’s probably the smarter approach, especially since this scene’s gotten a bit rambly and will need to be pared down. I tend to write long 🤷‍♀️ And then want to add in revision 😆

I’m at the point where I’ve caught up with my outline, so I need to either alternate back and forth between outlining and writing prose or commit to some no-prose days to get down a bunch of outline. There is some benefit to doing it right before I write it — then it’s fresh in my mind — but I am finding that I’m getting a bit too buried in the prose and perhaps having a little more outline would steer me towards the finish line a little faster. For the next chapter, I’m going to try preparing the entire outline first, before writing any prose. Between that, finishing the chapter worksheet, and wrapping up this first scene, I probably won’t have time to actually write prose for chapter two tomorrow.

To some extent this is the easy stuff I’m writing now, since I’ve already had it in my mind for some time. I have an Excel level outline (one or two sentences) for the coming chapters, but haven’t put as much time into imagining those scenes yet, so they’ll need more prep work than these two.

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