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Tricking your brain into writing the way you want

Bookmarked lowercase magic by Rob HardyRob Hardy (Ungated)

how ignoring the rules of capitalization catapulted me into the land of cathartic creativity

I’m all about using tricks to fool my brain — switching from computer to paper somehow unleashes a different kind of brainstorming that doesn’t work for me on the screen, sending a book draft to my Kindle helps me forget I wrote it so I can read more objectively. This guy’s switch to lowercase writing makes sense as a way to unlock vulnerability because it’s closer to the way we text and chat, which we often do with friends and family who we probably feel comfortable sharing more with and being ourselves. It’s a good reminder that switching our context and rules for ourselves can reveal ways we’re inadvertently keeping ourselves from our best work.

(I wonder how he’d feel about going back through and restoring capitalization after writing, or if the lowercase is part of the cue to the reader that this is something more personal.)

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