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NaNoWriMo 2022 Days 11 & 12

Yesterday I got through the scene I was working on and did a splash of scene level outlining for the next scene. Today, instead of writing more prose, I checked in on my chapter level outline, which apparently I never ported from my notebook to the computer. There was one thing I’d forgotten that could have been helpful earlier, but I think it also makes sense to add in a few scenes later. I started bringing some of my loose chapter outline over into my Scrivener file, and elaborating on my brief notes to add some key emotional points and specify known beats of action. I’ll still need to flesh out those outlines when it comes time to write them, but it was helpful to think through the midpoint of the book in emotional beats. There are some plot issues that are going to take a little bit of finessing — some important plot beats that are not big enough yet (pinch point and midpoint) — so hopefully now that I’ve started to lay the groundwork for them my subconscious can get to work chewing through them.

By Tracy Durnell

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