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Collections of diverse books by representation

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Every single one of these posts is meant to be a masterlist of books that pertain to a certain identity. They are periodically updated as new books come out or are brought to my attention, so don’t hesitate to check back. Race & Ethnicity representation Books with Black main characters. Books with latinx main characters. Books with Native/Indigenous main characters. Books by South Asian authors.192 books Books by East and South East Asian authors. 432 books Books with north african and middle eastern representation. Books written by Pacific Islanders. LGBTQIAP+ representation Books with bisexual main characters. Books with pansexual main characters. Books with main f/f relationships.430 books Books with transgender and/or non-binary main characters. Books with aro-spec main characters. Books with ace-spectrum nain characters. Disability & Neurodiversity representation Books with anxiety representation. Books with depression representation. Other Books by Muslim authors.

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