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Bookmarked 7 Simple Business Models For Small Business Owners by Tara McMullinTara McMullin (

This article will explain what a business model is and some common misconceptions about how they work. I will also explain 7 simple (and highly misunderstood) business models common in the small business space online. I’ll also share some thoughts on 2 simpler product-based business models. You’ll learn about their revenue potential, common marketing strategies, support, and more.

Packaged consulting is what I’m starting now:

A packaged consulting business likely has defined deliverables. But the deliverable is a knowledge product instead of the outcome of a service. Think a report or strategic plan rather than a website, copywriting, or brand suite.

I’ve had some ideas for courses in the past but I appreciate her points about needing to provide customer support, which I’m not interested in, and market it to a ton of people, which is also a lot of continuous work — and as I self-publish and promote my book, I’ll need to spend a lot of ongoing time marketing that.

I have some other product ideas, but I’ve left them on the back burner because I don’t have time or energy for creating and promoting those now.

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