Weeknotes: Jan 28-Feb 3 2023

We swapped our gas furnace and water heater for electric! We reserved our furnace back in August, and our old heater was turning off three or four times a day, so we were ready to make the swap. Now we have a heat pump with one head and electrical furnace, plus a tank electric water heater. (We asked multiple times about tankless and they recommended against it 🤷‍♀️) So we get to cancel our natural gas connection!!! 🙌

Stuff I did:

  • Got the house ready for contractor work
  • Revisited my outline, using notecards to rearrange scenes by hand, then Excel — spent nine and a quarter hours on writing thinking
  • Did 10 hours of consulting work
  • Published my 2022 in music, which I wrote much earlier in the month and forgot to post
  • Published my 2022 Annual Review, which I simplified and shortened from past years


I’m trying to quit books earlier if they’re not grabbing me — I have 800 books on my TBR list so I ain’t got time to fuck around with stuff that’s not for me. But I have a harder time quitting novellas, since they’re a shorter time investment. I should probably work on that because I wound up reading two novellas I didn’t especially like this week.

Between quitting more books and being tired all the time, I finished reading way fewer books in January than usual. We’ll see how I like this approach long-term.

Words I looked up / concepts I learned:

Neat stuff I learned:

  • Swords were made from bog iron back in the day (via)
  • Back in the day, people let their fried food drip excess oil onto bread (via)

New feeds I’m trying out:

I’m still exploring what makes sense / is interesting to collect in these weeknotes. Added a couple new sections this week. 

By Tracy Durnell

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