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A skull full of poison: an apt metaphor for depression

Liked It’s very weird to have a skull full of poison by Adam Mastroianni (Experimental History)

I don’t know exactly what to call the thing I felt. “Mental health” and “mental illness” feel corporate and euphemistic, the kind of phrases you use when you’re trying to sell a meditation app, or when you’re explaining to your boss why you didn’t finish the PowerPoint on time. I prefer to think of my experience as having a skull full of poison.

I thought I’d recover from my skull-poisoning and everything would go back to normal, shipshape, better than ever, really! Redemption would have straightened out all the strangeness, like “ah yes, I get it now, this was all for something.” I mean, if there’s no arc, what’s the point? You just felt bad and then you felt less bad? That’s it?

I will happily take feeling better, thank you very much!

I wanted to solve my bad feelings the way I had learned to solve everything in life, which is by being a diligent student and a good boy. But you can’t ace feeling good like it’s a math test, and trying only makes you feel worse.

Relatable 😂

By Tracy Durnell

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