Weeknotes: Feb. 25-Mar. 3

Stuff I did:

  • Worked 18.5 hours on consulting! 😲
  • Revised a chapter from my book
  • Updated my husband’s W4 tax withholding and checked in on our retirement portfolio
  • Went to (half of) Homebrew Website Club
  • Reconnected with a friend, which was nice
  • Made blueberry pancakes for weekend brunch 🥞 Also made raw snacks from a cookbook I haven’t cracked in ten years 😂
  • Did a weight workout and an evening stretch 🦾 Plus two walks


  • Read Resilience and The Earl and the Executive
  • Continued reading How to Calm Your Mind by Chris Bailey and What Works by Tara McMillan
  • Bought a paper Merriam-Webster Dictionary and a used thesaurus
  • DNF’d The Terraformers by Annalise Newitz, Devi’s Distraction by Ruby Dixon, Hot Blooded by Heather Guerre, So I Accidentally Became an Alien Outlaw’s Mate by Sophia Sebell, Where the Light Reaches by Sabrina Imbler, and The Assassin’s Salvation by Ruby Lionsdrake

Words I looked up:

New feeds I’m trying out + additions to neat people bookmarks:

Website changes:

  • Added a featured category and tagged some of the more interesting posts I’ve made here

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