Weeknotes: March 4-10, 2023

Stuff I did:

  • Revised the first chapter of my book
  • Reverse mapped a third of When She Belongs to assess how many subplots fit and how their misbeliefs were supported or challenged in each chapter
  • Re-ordered my book’s outline in Scrivener and pulled in all the pertinent text to condense
  • 12 hours of consulting work
  • Put together my February listening report
  • Baked cornbread and made peanut butter banana snack bars
  • Quarterly grocery order — that means ice cream for the first time in months 🍨😋 I went for strawberry 🍓
  • Two walks with a friend
  • One appointment


  • Read Darker Space, When She Belongs, Honeytrap, and What Works
  • Acquired one free giveaway ebook, and Saving Time by Jenny Odell arrived in the mail 😍
  • Started reading Freethinkers by Susan Jacoby
  • Continued reading The Shallows by Nicholas Carr
  • DNF’d Radiant Sin by Katee Robert and Accelerating Universe by Nicola Claire
  • Added two books to my TBR (There Are No Accidents by Jessie Singer and Weapons of the Weak by James Scott)

Words I looked up / learned:

By Tracy Durnell

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