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At tonight’s Homebrew Website Club, I asked for feedback on my new “Big Question” pages, which I’ve created as a way to group thoughts and writing on specific topics. I got some great ideas and food for thought and will be making some tweaks right away, while others I’ll need to think about a bit more.

Johannes suggested I start by considering how I would design the organization on paper, without letting the limitations of technology affect the way I presented the information. As he pointed out, especially on these new question pages, I’m trying to filter multi-dimensional content in a two-dimensional space. On paper, I might use all sorts of arrows and bubbles and connecting lines to help show overlaps and connections. I used to be a big fan of mind mapping as my first step for writing an essay in college, though I’ve gotten out of the practice. Then I could think about what was important to convey from that presentation of the info, and how I could adapt that for a webpage.

By Tracy Durnell

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