Weeknotes March 25-31 2023

Welp, my husband got laid off this week, so some new life changes ahead for us. We’ve got time to figure out next moves, but it’s galling that the only real reason to stress about finding a new job is healthcare* — I’m not making enough to cover two people’s healthcare on top of our current expenses.

* Employers like to emphasize the value of your “total compensation package” but unemployment is based on your wages. 😒

Stuff I did:

  • Just under 10 hours of consulting
  • Started working on my Q1 check-in
  • Started working on my business taxes
  • Went to Deception Pass for a day trip
  • Canceled Tidal and some other subscriptions
  • Walked with a friend once
  • One appointment


Words I looked up / concepts I learned:

By Tracy Durnell

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4 replies on “Weeknotes March 25-31 2023”

I’m sorry to hear about the layoff, and hope y’all find something good soon 🤞.

I have thought about the Healthcare issue a lot as well. I would love to take a few months off at some point, but we’re in the same boat where I just don’t know how we’d make Healthcare work during that time. And it doesn’t have to be this way, which makes it extra frustrating.

Thanks Rian! At least the silver lining is that his current position wasn’t ideal; he’s been hoping to go back to his old team, who desperately wants him back, but they’ve had a hiring freeze since last summer. Maybe that’ll work out eventually, or if not he’ll find something else better.

I just wish collectively, America would have used the pandemic as a driving force for universal healthcare, but we missed that boat. It’s so frustrating to live in a society that claims to love entrepreneurship but ties healthcare to traditional employment. It’ll be a bummer if I have to give up my new consulting business because we can’t make healthcare work.

You might check out some of the case studies on The Fioneers blog — seems like they’ve featured a number of people who’ve taken sabbaticals, maybe one might match your situation and have a short-term healthcare solution 🤷‍♀️

Oof. Fingers crossed for a better job for him!

Totally agree with your insurance musings. One thing that stood out to me big time while camping across Canada was how much more relaxed people were…

While visiting a university there i mentioned this to a professor and she knew what I meant and said it’s because of their universal healthcare system and safety net.

Quite eye opening and makes sense.

Best of luck to you both!

Thanks Ray!

I know Canada is not without its own problems but there’s a lot about it that sounds appealing! We’ve had a great time traveling through parts of BC, Alberta, and Quebec — I was basically ready to move to Montreal until my husband looked up the winter conditions 🤣

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