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Watched My To-do List Philosophy

Watched My To-Do List Philosophy from YouTube

Too much of my creativity comes from my To-Do list these days.
0:00 To-Do lists as an accomplice to burnout
0:34 Philosophy of my DO lists
2:15 Archival to-do lists
2:58 A project for Sleepy Jones
4:11 The value of to-do lists
5:17 Are to-do lists destroying my creativity
7:39 The next thing on my to-do list

I still don’t really get his “do lists” — does he make a new one every day?

Lately I’ve been making two lists on paper: a daily to do list and a weekly or weekend to do list. The daily one only gets stuff that really actually needs to happen today, and if I have time I can also do things from the weekly to do list. I also include fun activities that I know I’ll enjoy but might otherwise put off, like baking a new recipe, and get-togethers with friends to recognize their importance in my schedule (and also remind myself about them, in part so I don’t overbook myself with tasks 😉).

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