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Read Affinities

Read Affinities: A Journey Through Images from The Public Domain Review

Published to celebrate 10 years of The Public Domain Review, this very special book of images gathers over 500 prints, paintings, illustrations, sketches, photographs, doodles, and everything in between, exploring connections across more than two millennia of visual culture.

The seasoned PDR reader will meet many favourites across the pages, but also a whole array of as-of-yet unshared delights dusted off especially for this volume. Assembled according to a dreamlike logic, the images unfurl in a single unbroken sequence, through a play of visual echoes and evolving thematic threads.

A collection of imagery from the Public Domain Review. I’m not a regular reader of the website, and most pieces were new to me.

I found a number of interesting works, though I thought it opened a bit slowly. Some of the affinities were a touch simplistic, I preferred ones that were more visual echoes or transformations and less two versions of the same thing. The extended notes were interesting where available.

Three spreads I enjoyed as affinities:

Artwork I liked:

Learned about:

By Tracy Durnell

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