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Read That Alien Feeling

Read That Alien Feeling (Calluvia’s Royalty, #1) by Alessandra Hazard

Banished by his parents to the third planet in the Sol system, Prince Harht’ngh’chaali of the Second Grand Clan is completely fascinated by its inhabitants. Assuming the human name “Harry,” he tries to pass for a human to survive, but being human is so much harder than Harry expected. Humans are so confusing.

Adam Crawford isn’t looking for love. Financially secure and good-looking, he’s in a good place in his life. He doesn’t mean to fall in love with the quirky guy working at the coffee shop near his office. Harry is ridiculous—and ridiculously endearing. He wears ugly shirts and flowers in his hair, and he has a kind word for everyone. Adam falls hard and fast.

Little does he know that Harry isn’t what he seems and anything between them is impossible.

Star-crossed love between a human man and an alien prince from a world half a galaxy away.

This was a mite ridiculous but hit the spot for something light and charming. The relationship between the leads is underdeveloped, and unfortunately the events of the second half rely on the intensity of their connection. The ending felt rushed to resolution — we missed some clarity on the roots of Adam’s feelings, and forgiveness was given too quickly. There were some interesting aspects hinted at that make me interested to read the second book.

By Tracy Durnell

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