Read Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn

Read Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn by Ryan Heshka

The Mean Girls Club have been laying waste to the town for years, and Mayor Schlomo is hell-bent on their destruction. He has other plans for the town’s young women… brainwashing and sexual servitude. And so the Mayor blackmails a young mechanic by the name of Roxy to infiltrate the Clubhouse – but Roxy’s feisty attitude lands her an initiation into the Club instead! Torn between her obligations to her dying grandfather, the Mayor’s dirty threats, and her unexpected friendships with the Mean Girls, will Roxy help the Girls to bring down the Mayor’s cult once and for all?

Love love love the two-color artwork. The story is perfect as what it is: a homage / reimagining of femme fatales and 1950s B-movies and comic book tropes. It’s wildly over the top — intentionally — and composed of a mashup of caricatures and stereotypes, but still entertaining. I think paring back the number of women in the Mean Girls Club could have given them each a little more in the way of distinct personalities and relationships — maybe four instead of six? — because each character got little pagetime.

By Tracy Durnell

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