Watched How to Work with Beta Readers

Watched How To Work With Beta Readers For Your Novel | How To Edit Your Novel: Part 3 from YouTube

How do you work with beta readers for your novel? In today’s video, I’m going to answer all your questions about beta readers!

Looking for someone who understands the book is incomplete, that you’re looking for feedback, needs to provide constructive criticism and be honest

She recommends line editor before beta read — beta read is one of the final steps

Most beta readers are not paid in $$$ — get to read book early and participate in process, behind the scenes working with the author — but be super thankful

How do you find beta readers? Hard when you’re a new author without fans 🤷‍♀️ Consider friends and family? Start building a relationship with people — Goodreads groups?

Writers can be tricky beta readers, but an option — beta read swap

Don’t have to have a beta reader — if you can at least have one other person read it (even a copyeditor)

She gets feedback on Google Docs — makes a beta reader version and gets comments on same copy

Also sends a form with questions or a list of questions to guide them through the process

Gives them a copy of the final book

Beta readers will take as long as you give them 😉 Try to give them plenty of time — two weeks to a month?

(She has list of suggested questions for beta readers)

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