About Tracy

If you’re looking for my freelance services, please visit my consulting website or see my resume and communication portfolio.

I’m interested in everything from sci-fi to native plants to typography — but you’ll lose me with pop culture or sports. Reading fiction is my favorite pasttime, I will take text over video every time, and I am pro-Oxford comma. I have Feelings about infrastructure, corporatism, and equity. Lately, I’m big into thinking about the future of the Internet and participating in the Indie Web.

See what I’m doing now.

My favorite things

πŸ”¨ These are the tools I use for life and work.

Find me around the web


Cascadia Inspired β€” my blog about creative work, work-life balance, and finding inspiration in nature

Micro.blog β€” I post short life notes (lots of baking and reading) and occasionally share thoughts or links to posts on my other sites

Mastodon β€” I’m connected to the Fediverse through micro.blog β€” you can follow and reply to my notes at @tracy@notes.tracydurnell.com

Twitter β€” currently not using

Last.fm β€” I scrobble my listens from Tidal, mostly indie and electronic stuff – if we have similar tastes rec me some tunes!


Consulting β€” I offer freelance environmental communication and planning services for primarily government clients

My resume and communication portfolio

LinkedIn β€” I work in sustainability doing communications and outreach using social marketing techniques — I’m open to connecting with folks doing cool stuff in and outside my field! If we haven’t met, please include a brief note about why you want to sync.

My design portfolio on Behance β€” I enhance sustainability communications with clear design and modern digital illustration.

Think we’d get along?

I like meeting new people! Always happy to make a new friend.

Email’s the best way to reach me, at tracy.durnell@gmail.com. (It should go without saying but no solicitations πŸ˜‰)

Some of my projects

Sense Memory

Throughout 2021, I shared “sense memories” β€” three nature photos and a song from this month in the past decade β€” in a weekly email newsletter. Check out the online magazine version.

Texture packs of PNW nature

I love photographing natural textures. I’ve released many packs of texture photographs from Washington and Canada licensed under Creative Commons for designers and artists to use with attribution (and if you ask nicely, I’d probably be OK with no attribution for non-corporate projects πŸ˜‰).

Craft Your Life Workbook

The Craft Your Life Workbook – a planner designed to help creatives build habits and systems to achieve your goals and craft a fulfilling, intentional life – free (no email required) pdf download

About this site

Saved content

Along with posting reviews and logging reads, listens and watches, I use this site as a digital commonplace book for bookmarking (like a personal Pinterest). I do my best to credit and link to anyone whose writing or art I’ve saved, and try to add commentary for fair use and save a limited amount of information. But I’m human and sometimes I screw up. If I’ve posted something of yours that you’d like removed, email me at tracy.durnell@gmail.com and I’ll remove it ASAP.


I’m a proponent of the IndieWeb and support Webmentions so you can use your own website to reply to or mention my site. This site uses WordPress with the IndieWeb plugin to enable this functionality. Happy to proselytize the IndieWeb to you if you have questions πŸ˜‰ *websites for everyone*

See my privacy policy.

Land acknowledgment

I live on the traditional land of the Coast Salish peoples, in particular the Duwamish and Stillaguamish Peoples. I honor the land itself, and the Coast Salish people past, present, and future. (Learn about land acknowledgment and the First Nations peoples who live in your area.)

I support the Duwamish Tribe’s application for federal recognition. I call on elected officials and government at all levels to honor treaty obligations with all tribes. I call for the return of public land to tribal control or joint management wherever feasible. (Learn more about the Land Back movement.)

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