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Defining done

Liked The Magic of Index Cards: How to Know When Something Is Done by Written By Anna Havron (

In an intentional community, you have to put expectations in writing. You have to have transparent standards that everyone can see.

[W]e also had index cards posted in each common room…with a cleaning checklist. Those index cards took the vague word “clean” (which means different things to different people) and spelled out precisely what it meant for any given room.

Figuring this kind of checklist out…settles two questions and makes the answers transparent and visible:

  • Is the room clean enough?

  • Is the job done?

Cohousing Future Building Society

Building a Human Centric Town from Scratch

Bookmarked How to build a small town in Texas by WrathOfGnon (WrathOfGnon’s Newsletter)

Of all the questions I get on Twitter the most common is this: “How do you build a town?” We know how it used to be done, but these last two centuries we have forgotten how to do it.


Financing Cohousing

Bookmarked Managing finances in a coliving house by Gillian Morris (Supernuclear)

Friendly advice from the daughter of an accountant

Separate ownership from living so people own different shares in the overall LLC but you could probably do a rent-to-own thing to build equity and make it work out fairly.


Chore Fairness

Bookmarked Fairness is overrated and bragging is underrated (Supernuclear)

Motivational systems for coliving (and beyond…)

Not sold on this idea. Studies consistently show women spending more time on chores than men in relationships. Women are socially conditioned to be caregivers. That magically changes in a larger group? (Or does it not apply in non-family groups?) Men step up and do their fair share, or women accept doing more work because they get to brag about it, and don’t get resentful?