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Newsletter course

Bookmarked NEWSLETTER CLASS by Marlee Grace (marlee grace on Notion)

Expanding the language of your practice, cultivating social expression through knowledge sharing, and leaning into the art of the email list

2 hours



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“Non-coercive” marketing

Bookmarked Non-Coercive Marketing: A Primer by Rob HardyRob Hardy (Ungated)

A new philosophy of marketing, rooted in letting go of control, and trusting people to be their own authority.

Saw this recommended multiple places, need to get around to reading it I guess 😂

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Content marketing has become hollow signaling

Liked Media, Messages, and Meaning: Is it time to rethink content marketing? by Tara McMullinTara McMullin (

At one time, Medium was the place I visited to discover new ideas and fresh writers.
I don’t know what it’s like on other people’s feeds, of course. But when I visit the feed of articles that Medium suggests to me today, I’m not just underwhelmed. I’m often appalled.

While there is a straightforward meaning to the message contained by the medium, the medium itself contributes another message. That second message, and for McLuhan, the more influential of the two, is character.
The medium conveys both the straightforward message and a certain character that informs how we relate to it.

Williams dreamed of making Medium synonymous with quality, depth, and thoughtfulness. But the message Medium delivers today colors many of its posts as clickbaity and attention-seeking.

Articles like the ones I listed above…aren’t meant to be examined in detail, either. They’re designed to create a certain effect: i.e., conveying the appearance of expertise, usefulness, and/or value.

Yes! This puts a finger on what bothers me about so much headline writing, and so many articles: I can tell from the title of the post that it will be substanceless. Somehow, there will be a 1000+ word article composed of nothingness, from which I’ll learn and recall precisely nothing.

So much online writing circles around the same type of mildly repellant business productivity and creativity advice — all selling the get rich quick mentality with a recipe for success. In a capitalist world, that story has draw — we are all busting our asses and getting nowhere. Yet it’s terminally empty; a few words of advice cannot change a system, and probably also can’t help most people get ahead in that system.

The internet has become a diluted sea of bland 101 content, quoting the same sources, adding the same vapid life stories to try to force personal connection. Everyone desperately signalling, a twisted capitalist version of mating signals: pick me! Pick me! The textual equivalent of a ruff of fluorescent feathers, the payoff receiving work rather than passing on genes: individual survival, not reproduction. It reminds me of the proposal to eliminate mosquitoes by releasing sterile males into the wild to breed with the females, burning out their reproductive lifespans. We’re distracted by the overwhelming drone of valueless, impersonal writing: junk food of the mind.

So now, writers need to learn how to signal the opposite to discerning readers: to promise something worthwhile and convince people to read without looking like content mill pablum. To demonstrate respect for readers’ time, to offer real connection, to write and share something worth the reading. This is the slow path, the path of patience, requiring a long-term commitment to the practice of writing and thinking.

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A “formula” for writing compelling headlines without clickbait

  • Be CLEAR, not Clever
  • Specify the WHO
  • Specify the WHAT
  • Specify the WHY
  • Twist The Knife

From the Ship 30 for 30 email newsletter, which teeters on the edge of clickbaity for my tastes. (It also makes my teeth grate when I see “10x” used as a verb, which they seem to do frequently.) I have a background in science and government communications, and in those formats try to convey as much as possible in headlines because I know most people won’t read more, and it’s often for the broadest possible audience (geo-based), and I want some info absorbed… but for blogging and other types of writing, it would probably be worthwhile to consider more closely which headlines entice people to keep reading. (As long as you’re actually delivering on the quality and not spinning an article out of nothingness, then it is helpful to convince people your article is worth reading, and help people who’d be interested find it.) Their examples seem to be significantly longer than standard headlines since they want to include so much.


Conversational copywriting

Bookmarked My guide to conversational copywriting (Marketing Examples)

Conversational copy is writing how you talk. No sales megaphone. No corporate drone. Just a conversation. But that’s easier said than done. So I’ve put together this guide (packed with examples) to help teach you.

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Podcast: how important is advertising?

Listened Can A Brand Grow Without Paid Media? from SoundCloud

Is paid advertising the mark of unremarkable brands? Or is it an essential step to grow into a big brand?

In short, paid media necessary for scaling nationally / globally — but may not be totally necessary at smaller scale

Not a super interesting podcast but I guess what can you cover in 20 minutes 🤷‍♀️

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Twitter Interests and the scam of interest-based targeting

a screenshot of the Twitter Interests page with some interests deselected
I don’t have any special interest in space telescopes, but I think astrophotography is pretty and like science generally. I like Star Trek TNG, though I’m not a Trekkie. But tanning? I am anti-interested in tanning. And sports — absolutely zero interest. I would prefer to avoid all sports news except to hear if it’s going to make traffic in Seattle a nightmare.

Social media silos are harvesting our personal data, selling it and using it to target us with ads and filter the information we see through their algorithm — and they’re crap at it. We sacrificed our privacy for this? 🤔

Targeting problem: a significant portion of supposed interests — which I presume are used to support algorithmic decisions and targeted advertising — are incorrect.

I recently looked through my Twitter Interests and removed everything that I was actively not interested in. About half of my interests were totally wrong. It appears it hasn’t improved much since 2019.

As the old saying goes, half of what you spend your money on in marketing is a waste, but you don’t know which half. Portraying targeting based on personal data extrapolated from users’ online actions as inherently more accurate or higher quality than other forms of advertising feels like a scam.

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The evolution of romance covers

Bookmarked Bridgerton Is a Perfect Example of Why You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover(s) by Anne Wallentine (Slate)

The Bridgerton books got a makeover inspired by the steamy Netflix adaptation—the latest in a long line of redesigns that show how tricky marketing romance can be.

Publishers have used myriad strategies over the years to try to balance the audience’s competing desires for excitement and discretion.

A balancing act between marketing the type of book versus not making people embarrassed to be seen reading it. Adds context to the general sexiness of self-pubbed romance covers which are read digitally, so no one knows what you’re reading (although IIRC there was a period of time where Amazon didn’t allow male nipples on covers? 🤔)

I didn’t know the origin or purpose of the stepback cover — funny when the color strip is reproduced in the digital cover 😂

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Print your own newspaper

Bookmarked Newspaper Club – Make and print your own newspapers (

We help you make your own newspaper. Print one copy or thousands, from a range of sizes. We ship internationally and offer a fast, friendly service.

About $2 each for tabloid at 100 copies

Curious how a local printer would match up 🤔

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Listened to Lindsay Buroker Interview

Listened Lindsay Buroker on Pen Names, Podcasting, and Rapid Release (Reair) by an author from

Episode 128 / We’re headed back to the archives for a fun interview with Lindsay Buroker. Lindsay talks about the benefits and drawbacks of pen names, the advantages of podcasting for writers, and how she writes and releases books into Kindle Unlimited using the rapid release model, then goes wide…

Lean into your strengths for author strategy

Write to market, but also if you read in the genre you can probably find a way to write what you enjoy too

Readers really love characters and will follow along for them

Look for less competitive Amazon categories – watch for new openings in your genre

If you can’t write fast, may need to do more marketing