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Interrogating gentrification

Liked Gentrification is Inevitable (and Other Lies) by Anne Helen Petersen (Culture Study)

“Unfortunately, these kinds of changes are often portrayed as a natural evolution of city space, rather than as the result of deliberate policy making and sets of choices by powerful actors. We conflate the idea that cities change (of course they do!) with the idea that neighborhoods are inevitably taken over by wealthier, whiter residents.”

Gentrification today is often faster, more radically transformative, and directed by powerful state and corporate actors.

Queering asks us to question the normative values that fuel gentrification: ideas about the home and family, the relationship between property and social acceptance, and what is required for liberation and empowerment. Queering also pushes an anti-gentrification politics to interrogate its own normative assumptions. These could include the unquestioned valorization of working-class identities and spaces, the notion of community, and the foundations of the right to the city.


Pretty French mountain pass for indoor biking

Bookmarked Col de Larche – The Forbidden Climb (France) – Indoor Cycling Training (YouTube)

Col de Larche is a beautiful and very popular mountain pass, which is normally only climbed from the Italian side (Colle della Maddalena). The climb from Fra…

Future Building Places

Traditional urbanism


  • Walkable — keep the whole area small enough to not need to drive — confined with a wall to limit sprawl!
  • Human scale blocks — should be quick to walk
  • Variety, visual interest, curving streets rather than immensely long straight boulevards
  • Use locally sourced, sustainable / renewable materials (wood, stone, rammed earth) that last a long time
  • Build at the front of lots, close together, fill in gaps, expand on existing buildings
  • Lay street surfaces with interesting, varied, beautiful materials like stepping stones
Fun Places Travel

Find cool places to stop on long drives

Bookmarked Make My Drive Fun (

Waypoint pop-up looks a little buggy but worth checking for road trip / trip planning ideas 💡

History Places

A Victorian sewage plant adorned in ironwork

Liked Forgotten Gems: Crossness Pumping Station by Georgie HooleGeorgie Hoole (

Nicknamed the Cistern Chapel, Crossness Pumping Station by Joseph Bazalgette is a joyously decorative feat of Victorian industrial design, which inadvertently helped eradicate cholera in London.

See also: Why Beauty Matters (thread)

Food Places

Watched Somebody Feed Phil S5 – Portland

Watched Somebody Feed Phil from

“Everybody Loves Raymond” creator Phil Rosenthal travels the globe to take in the local cuisine and culture of Bangkok, Lisbon, Mexico City and more.

We enjoy travel – food feature shows — we watch lots of Food Ranger — and since we got Netflix for a month to watch Stranger Things figured we’d try this show out. Seemed entertaining enough, I’d watch another episode. Never saw Everybody Loves Raymond so don’t know how the humor matches up. There was one weirdly long reminiscence scene where he calls up a friend (who’s an actor on Stranger Things) and tell uncomfortable jokes in honor of his father? Maybe I missed something.

Despite living in Seattle since 2008, the only times I’ve been to Portland were in high school for a student journalism conference, where I loved the city, and after college on the drive back to California, when we slept on a friend of a friend’s couch and it was super awkward and I did not love the city. We were hoping to go in 2020 to check out the food truck scene but COVID — so it was fun if bittersweet to watch someone else check out the food truck scene 😉 We really need to make it down there some time.

Outdoors Places

Indoor biking with cows in the fog


Ride through a pack of cute goats at 50 minutes 😍

Read a Guardian “100 tips to make your life better” and most were meh but I liked “exercise on Mondays, nothing happens then” — excellent point. Will try to follow that advice 😉

Art and Design Places


Photo by Mauri Karlin.


A Remote Himalayan Valley

Bookmarked Spiti Valley (

Spiti Valley is a cold desert mountain valley located high in the Himalayas. Spiti valley is a research and cultural centre for Buddhists. Highlights include Key Monastery and Tabo Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in the world.