Outreach Resources and Reference Writing

Inclusive language reference guides

Conscious Style Guide

CSU Diversity/ Inclusivity Style Guide

Radical Copyeditor


See also: Disability language best practices

Resources and Reference Writing

Word lookup tool

Bookmarked Wordnik (

Wordnik shows definitions from multiple sources, so you can see as many different takes on a word’s meaning as possible.

Looks like the thesaurus might be good, will have to try more words 😉

First phrase I looked up was wine-dark which has always stuck with me from the Odyssey, but they didn’t have it 🤷‍♀️

History Learning Resources and Reference

Learn history through maps

Bookmarked HistoryMaps (HistoryMaps)

Learn history visually

Meta Personal Growth Resources and Reference

Template spreadsheet for tracking reading diversity

Bookmarked Introducing the 2023 Reading Log! (

The 2023 reading log is here! It can help you track your reading stats and generate infographics to help you achieve your reading goals.

👀 This could be handy for tracking my reading.

Art and Design Resources and Reference Websites

Resources for learning about accessibility

Bookmarked Accessibility Resources (

The links below have helped me in my ongoing accessibility education. Most of these are beginner-friendly entry points to what can be a broad and sometimes complex topic.

A11y is a compact abbreviation for accessibility with 11 (eleven) representing the count of letters between the letter a and the letter y.

😅 I’ve seen A11y before and thought it was leet speak for “ally,” calling out the common problem of 1s looking like lowercase l’s in some typefaces. This… makes more sense 😂

Relationships Resources and Reference

References for pronouncing names correctly



Pronunciation searches.

Resources and Reference

Collections of diverse books by representation

Bookmarked Word Wonders’ TBR expansion by FadwaFadwa (

Every single one of these posts is meant to be a masterlist of books that pertain to a certain identity. They are periodically updated as new books come out or are brought to my attention, so don’t hesitate to check back. Race & Ethnicity representation Books with Black main characters. Books with latinx main characters. Books with Native/Indigenous main characters. Books by South Asian authors.192 books Books by East and South East Asian authors. 432 books Books with north african and middle eastern representation. Books written by Pacific Islanders. LGBTQIAP+ representation Books with bisexual main characters. Books with pansexual main characters. Books with main f/f relationships.430 books Books with transgender and/or non-binary main characters. Books with aro-spec main characters. Books with ace-spectrum nain characters. Disability & Neurodiversity representation Books with anxiety representation. Books with depression representation. Other Books by Muslim authors.

Art and Design Resources and Reference Science

A visual compendium of vintage mineral art

Bookmarked British & Exotic Mineralogy (

All 2,242 of James Sowerby’s illustrations from his compendium of knowledge about mineralogy in Great Britain and beyond published between 1802 and 1817 and arranged by color.

Learning Resources and Reference

Find good longreads and unearth old articles worth reading

Bookmarked Read Something Great (Read Something Great)

Timeless articles from the belly of the internet.
Manually curated. Served 5 at a time.

Like this idea. Somewhat wary about the curation: who’s choosing the articles (one person, an editorial team…?), do they have selection criteria that considers bias in publishing and draws from reputable sources, what is their background (do they have a political bias or subject focus, if so do those complement my views and interests?), where are they sourcing these articles? No transparency on the website.

Environment Resources and Reference

Carbon emissions by sector

Bookmarked Emissions by sector (Our World in Data)

How much of CO2 emissions come from electricity, transport, or land use? What activities do our greenhouse gases comes from?