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Watched Getting Back To The Joy Of Writing

Watched Getting Back To The Joy Of Writing ✨💻 WRITER RESET from YouTube

This is it! It’s time for the writer reset series, and I’m taking you along on my journey to rediscover the joy and passion I once had for my writing, finish…

  • Tool refresh
  • Updating writing space and practice
  • Reading craft books
  • Creative play that isn’t writing
  • Lifting mood with music
  • Reconnecting with community
  • Eating well and taking care of herself
  • Walking and talking or thinking to figure out story problems
  • Organization (oh what, you mean having my writing shit in a pile on the floor makes it harder to write? 😂😅)

Book: “Goodbye, Things” by Fumio Sasaki — everything around your house has a message for you –> invisible to do list (this rings very true)

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Women taking time for themselves

I spin therefore I am by Cécile Marion

Before I went on sabbatical, I was a spinning top. An overachieving spinning top. And when I left work to go on sabbatical, I cleared my diary of anything I had to do and any expectations from others, letting go of any need to spin. There was nothing for me to spin about!

In the beginning, the spinning top still wanted to spin.

After all, it was the only way of being it knew. If you’d been spinning your entire life, you too would probably be worried about what would happen if you stopped! You can’t stop. You’re not meant to stop. If you stop, you might not be able to start spinning again. Best not put yourself in that situation. KEEP SPINNING!

This sounds very familiar 😅 Letting go of busyness is so hard — and for me, finally allowing myself to stop let the years of built-up exhaustion catch up, and I haven’t been able to reharness the just-keep-swimming pace. Fortunately, I haven’t needed to (yet?). I’m hoping that working at the pace my body can sustain these days will allow me bigger surges of energy when I need them in the future.

I unintentionally took a day off this week, in addition to two days spent on taxes rather than paid work. Between anxiety about whether my husband would get laid off and it actually happening, March was more emotionally draining than I realized. I have been lamenting my inability to do both paid work and writing lately, but I’ve learned through experience that skipping the rest your body is telling you it needs will only make it worse. You can’t delay maintenance forever, and you can’t delay rest; the more you do, the bigger the problem will be when you do finally deal with it.

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Replied to Grayscale by James (

The display shows only grey colours. I decided to give this a go last night to see how I would feel about having non-grey colours disabled. My phone now feels different. Applications are no longer as vibrant as they once were. The features that would draw me into an application, such as the coloured ring around a profile on Instagram Stories indicative of a new post, are no longer prominent to the same degree.

I have grayscale set up as an accessibility shortcut on my phone so if I’m looking at something that does need color, like photos, I can turn it on for a few minutes. Just gotta remember to turn it back off! 😅

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Read How to Calm Your Mind

Read How to Calm Your Mind by Chris Bailey

How to Calm Your Mind is a treasure trove of practical, science-backed strategies that reveal how the key to a less anxious life, and even greater productivity, is a calm state of mind.

I took my time reading this over the past three months to let it really soak in. It’s great and totally aligns with my own shift in thinking over the years.

I’ve followed Bailey’s work for many years, and enjoyed his previous two books, but also struggled with anxiety, stress and burnout. Culturally it feels like many Millennials are going through this transition at the same pace, throwing ourselves into work and burning out through our twenties, then rethinking priorities in our thirties and recognizing the societal factors pushing us to work so hard and yet ineffectively. We see decades of our careers remaining ahead of us and are acknowledging that we can’t keep brute forcing ourselves till we’re eighty.

I appreciate this comprehensive recentering of the value and importance of rest and calm to let us live the lives we want to. Stress and anxiety have physical consequences to the way our bodies and minds function, and make it harder to be intentional. He covers the scientific backing behind burnout and stress as well as offering a whole host of practical steps to try calming your body and mind, while reminding readers not to overdo it by trying to change everything at once. Even as someone who’s practiced meditation and mindful breathing and such, I found new ideas.

I appreciated the deeper grounding in root causes, especially the framing of looking at activities in terms of stimulation. I was reading The Shallows by Nicholas Carr at the same time as this,  which provided a perfect complement of messages on the impacts of digital spaces and the value of analog. I don’t 100% agree with Bailey — like his assertion that hanging out virtually “doesn’t count” as social time — but overall agree that I’d like to use my digital devices less and more thoughtfully, and replace digital with analog where viable.

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Watched The 5 Secrets to Designing a Feelgood Home

Watched The 5 Secrets to Designing a Feelgood Home

The challenge

Not trusting yourself

  • stuck in inspiration mode
  • indecision and overwhelm
  • “design by default” (e.g. just pick the neutral)

these are symptoms that you’re overwhelmed by external voices and can’t hear your own inner voice

These feel like they apply far beyond simply home design, to all aspects of life decision-making.

–> to get unstuck, tune out others’ opinions, tune in to your own intuition

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Microwave days

Liked Wide open spaces by Kara Cutruzzula (Brass Ring Daily)

“Are you having a microwave day or a stovetop day?” — Erica Betz

It’s a bummer when you’re having a microwave day but your responsibilities demand a stovetop day.

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Listening to your body’s cues

Liked A New-Fashioned Form of Holiday Haunting by Katie Hawkins-Gaar (My Sweet Dumb Brain)

I realize this is all a bit dramatic. But isn’t that the goal of the Ghosts’ visitations? They’re always over-the-top. If their aim was to make me pause and take stock of my choices, they had succeeded.

I’m giving myself permission to work more slowly than I’m used to…

Me too. But it’s so hard to be patient! 😂😭

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Time is part of the growing process

Liked Trees and Seasons by Reimena YeeReimena Yee (

All of this waiting is necessary because the act of doing nothing is essential. The soil needs to rest so its nutrients can restore itself. The sea needs time for the fish to spawn…

Ripeness: there comes a time when the work writes itself, freely, in the depths of the author’s soul, and before the author has even dared to make that work manifest. The creator must respect the gestation period, if he knows how to wait, the strongest plant, the one that withstood the elements, will spring strongly into life.

— Paolo Coelho

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Defining rest

Liked The Riddle of Rest by Lawrence YeoLawrence Yeo (

[R]est is when you’re not associating your self-worth with what you have to do next.

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Finding joy by rejecting a scarcity mindset


When we view our lives through the lens of abundance, we live in a state of flow. Success is not taken from others, but created with others.

Like the idea of “an abundance-based community” — her example is authors, who “realiz[e] that readers are not a scarce resource to be squabbled over, but a community to be cultivated. The goal is not to get people to read one book over another, but to get more people reading period.”

I dig the rising tide lifts all ships idea, even if it’s hard to remember sometimes with my own work.

[S]top saying “I’m so old,” which effectively hides another scarcity statement: “I have so little time left.”

Oops, I am guilty of this 😅 She’s got a point though…