Read Tikka Chance on Me

Read Tikka Chance on Me by Suleikha Snyder

He’s the bad-boy biker. She’s the good girl working in her family’s Indian restaurant. On the surface, nothing about Trucker Carrigan and…

A quick novella with instalust and instalove. I enjoyed what was there and think it could have benefited from two more scenes, at the middle and near the end.

Fantasy Romance

Read In the Darkest Midnight

Read In The Darkest Midnight by Grace Draven

~Previously published in the now unavailable AMID THE WINTER SNOW anthology~ The mark Jahna Uhlfrida was born with has made her a target…

Nice to use the winter festival as the anchor of the story, and the private dance in the gardens.

Liked how he empowered her right from the start.

I wanted a little more explanation of the timeline at the end.

Fantasy Romance

Read His Secret Illuminations

Read His Secret Illuminations (The Warrior’s Guild #1) by Scarlett Gale

A Sheltered Monk By day, Lucían brews potions and illuminates manuscripts in service to the monastery that took him in as a child, wield…

This book was a delight to read. Heartily enjoyed the competency porn and the characters’ obvious like and respect for each other. Well done showing the viewpoint character come out of his shell and gain confidence as his skills prove useful in the world and he experiences things that make him realize he’s been lied to and mistreated his whole life.

I was surprised it was told in present tense, which I associate more with YA, but maybe is more common than I thought for fantasy romance. Speaking of, that’s a genre I’ve encountered more recently.

The heroine is perhaps a little too perfect and understanding, but it didn’t bother me.


Read The Sugared Game

Read The Sugared Game (The Will Darling Adventures #2) by KJ Charles

It’s been two months since Will Darling saw Kim Secretan, and he doesn’t expect to see him again. What do a rough and ready soldier-turne…

This hits the noir spot for me without the drawbacks of the rampant homophobia and sexism is works like Chandler’s, plus the characters actually have an inner monologue and reflect on and talk about their emotions. Apparently this series is inspired by pulp novels but I haven’t read any, so noir comes to mind despite it taking place in England with the added wrinkle of titles in addition to vast wealth.

Fantasy Romance

Read Mating the Huntress

Read Mating the Huntress (Monsters and Mates, #1) by Talia Hibbert

This Halloween, love bites back… hard. Chastity Adofo knows a monster

I love the idea of a Halloween special. I don’t like Christmas but love Halloween, apparently unlike most other romance readers in the world who want to read sweet Christmas love stories.

This was a fun quick fated mates story, with werewolves, fitting for Halloween. Cute and funny and hot. I like her take on werewolves.

A few minor things I noticed that I think were due to this being her first PNR. At first I thought the story was like ancient Greece because the prologue character was named Victory, and the way she described her family of women hunters felt like PNR Amazons — then she dropped that she was wearing her sister’s hoodie! Then a different character takes the lead in the first scene and I kept waiting for the werewolf to realize there’d been a switcheroo and he actually wanted the other sister. And I got the feeling all the kids were teenagers which seemed a little weird to have hooking up with a thirty something guy, but one of the brothers dropped that he had a PhD, so now I guess the weird part is why fourteen adult children seem to be living at home still?


Read City Monster

Read City Monster by Reza Farazmand

From New York Times bestselling author and artist Reza Farazmand, his first graphic novel about a young monster who moves to a big city …

Hipster monsters exploring their purpose in life and enjoying the coffee and culture of the city while helping their ghost friend explore its past. Fun premise and loved the humor. The art is in the same simple style as Poorly Drawn Lines, and fits the story well. Short but didn’t feel rushed, seemed like the right length for the story.


Read Spoiler Alert

Read Spoiler Alert (Spoiler Alert #1) by Olivia Dade

Olivia Dade bursts onto the scene in this delightfully fun romantic comedy set in the world of fanfiction, in which a devoted fan goes on…

Really enjoyed this! Their issues were in some ways very similar, yet they reacted in totally different ways.

I skipped most of the fanfic segments and scripts although they did thematically complement the story when I did read them, I’m just impatient, what can I say 😉


Read Moontangled

Read Moontangled (The Harwood Spellbook, #2.5) by Stephanie Burgis
Take one ambitious politician and one determined magician with wildly different aims for their next meeting. Add a secret betrothal, a f…

Fine but too short and the characters both acted annoyingly dumb. I disliked the setup.


Fantasy Romance

Read A Deal with the Elf King

Read A Deal with the Elf King (Married to Magic, #1) by Elise Kova

Perfect for fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses and Uprooted, this stand-alone, fantasy romance about a human girl and her marriage to th…

Enjoyed this Hades/Persephone spin with dark elves and humans with plant magic, I’ll read the next book. This was my first read from Elise Kova. Interesting worldbuilding and magic system, though I would have appreciated seeing a little bit more limitations on it. I liked how the heroine drew out the hero but also that his reasons for acting the way he did became more explicable as she learned about his experience.

Some minor quibbles I had were related to it feeling a little YA, with the heroine acting pretty dumb several times towards the beginning of the book. I was also a little frustrated it took so long for her to come to her senses at the end of the book as well, and feel like it would have benefited from a little bit more of a denouement. The added epilogue chapter from the author’s site helped that.


Re-read No Strings Attached

Read No Strings Attached (Falling for You, #1)

She wants one night. He wants her forever. Hayden Summers just landed the job of a lifetime taking pictures for Time magazine, but she’s…