Privacy Policy

My intent is to collect as little data as needed for this website to operate usefully. I respect and value your privacy.

Let’s be real, this is a personal website; corporate sites and social media are collecting a ton of your data, and using it to sell targeted ads to you 👎 To protect your information, I highly encourage you to use a browser that respects your privacy, install ad blockers and privacy protection, and log out of Facebook and Twitter when you’re not using them. Need help or advice? I’m not an expert but happy to share what I know. Ping me 😊


I do not have analytics installed on this site. I have no idea you’re here unless you tell me — leave a comment or email me to say hi or let me know if you like something 😉

My webhost HostGator logs visitation statistics and keeps the data temporarily for debugging purposes. I don’t look at it, but there is no way to disable it.

Embedded content from other sites like Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, and YouTube might (read: definitely will) track your interactions with their content if you’re logged in.


If you leave a comment, I keep that content indefinitely. I will delete it upon request — email

In order for future comments to be automatically approved, the site stores metadata about who posted the comment. If you leave a comment and opt to save your information, the site will use a cookie to save your name, email, and website for a year.

I use Akismet to block spam. If you leave a comment, they’ll cross-check your info for spam.

I use Gravatar for comment user images. If you leave a comment, your email address will be checked against Gravatar. If you have a profile image set up there, my site will display that next to your comment (as the service is designed).

If you send my site a webmention, trackback or pingback, content will be pulled from your site and posted here (as the system is designed). If you ever want anything your site sent mine removed or updated, just email me at

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