Building Community

How can I build relationships and join in community during a pandemic?

Last updated 2023 March 18


  • How can I be a better friend?
  • What does community look like?
  • How much are relationships and community bound by geography?
  • How can the Internet support healthy communities and relationships?


Related books I’ve read since 2021. Links go to my book review.

We Should Get Together
by Kat Vellos
(non-fiction, friendship)
Black author

Seek You 👍👍
by Kristen Radtke
(graphic novel, non-fiction)

Frientimacy 👍👍
by Shasta Nelson
(self-help, friendship)
cover of Be My Guest with decorative blue and yellow illustrated plate on bright yellow background
Be My Guest
by Priya Basil
(non-fiction, essay)
Asian author, atheist author

The Art of Showing Up
by Rachel Wilkerson Miller
(non-fiction, self-help)



Articles or longer responses I’ve written.

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Defending against abuse, violence, and viewpoints of hatred

Building a Safe Community

An Anchor for Community

Dreaming, and Choosing, a Better Future

We Need Public Spaces Online


Bookmarks and quotes from articles I’ve read.

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