Transforming Capitalism

How can our economy shift to better support people and the planet?

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  • How can we make work better?
  • How can workers be empowered within capitalism?
  • How do new technologies impact workers?
  • What are the problems with how business operates and workers are treated today?
  • How does capitalism influence society beyond work?
  • How can we reduce the gap in wealth between rich and poor?
  • How can we reduce consumption?


Books I’ve read to think about this question since 2021. Links go to my book review.

The Shallows
by Nicholas Carr
(non-fiction, technology)

What Works
by Tara McMullin
neurodivergent author

Rest is Resistance

by Tricia Hersey
(non-fiction, memoir)
Black, queer author

A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy

by Sarah Lazarovic
(non-fiction, visual essay)

Workshops, podcasts + videos

Other media I’ve watched or listened to in considering this question.


Articles or longer responses I’ve written thinking about this question.


Bookmarks and quotes from articles I’ve read related to this question, with my commentary.

What’s wrong with work + business + the economy now

What workers can do

How technology impacts workers

Perspectives around time, worth, and value

How society thinks about money

The spillover effects of capitalism


How can independent creators get by?

What would work better?

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