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Currently Reading

Actively Reading

I like to have multiple books going so I can read whatever I’m in the mood for.

  • How to Calm Your Mind
    by Chris Bailey
    (non-fiction, personal growth)
    Started December 2022
    Digging it
  • Stolen Focus
    by Johann Hari
    (non-fiction, personal growth)
    Started January 2023
    Not sure if this guy will be unbearable
  • This is What It Sounds Like
    by Susan Rogers + Ogi Ogas
    (non-fiction, music appreciation)
    Started January 2023
    Interesting but I dislike the author so far

On Pause

  • The Shallows
    by Nicholas Carr
    (non-fiction, technology)
    Started November 2022
    Surprisingly relevant for a ten-year-old book about the internet
  • Braiding Sweetgrass
    by Robin Kimmerer
    (non-fiction, philosophy)
    Started July 2022
    32% – stuck on a boring chapter
  • What Moves the Dead
    by T. Kingfisher
    (fiction, horror)
    Started July 2022
    17% – she is having a lot of fun with this
  • The Wake Up
    by Michelle MiJung Kim
    Started July 2022
    35% in and enjoying it