Recipes I’ve made and would make again. I am not a food photographer 😉

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Coffee Cake

Blueberry Coffee Cake – Smitten Kitchen

can omit 1/4c sugar from filling
Omit walnuts

Biscuits + Scones

Strawberry Cream Biscuits – Smitten Kitchen
Tracy of pumpkin muffins topped with streusel from above
Pumpkin streusel muffins – The Novice Chef

  • 1/22 – baked 5+ extra minutes, made 17 muffins

Good without cream cheese icing

Cream Tea Scones

  • 3/23 – replaced vanilla with orange and cranberry


Leek and spinach eggs – Ottolenghi

Omit preserved lemon

Foolproof quiche – The Kitchn

Protect crust during main bake

Cream eggs

  • 1/23 – used 3 Tbsp cream


Tall, fluffy buttermilk pancakes – Smitten Kitchen



Easy peanut noodles (A Couple Cooks) / Spicy peanut noodles (A Beautiful Mess) — 4/23 kind of blended these recipes


No Bake Oatmeal Bars

No bake oatmeal chocolate bars (Sugar Apron)

  • 1/23 – made with Jif – didn’t do a swirl of chocolate on top which might have been nice – maybe needs a little something?

Watch the sugar mix, it goes from nothing to bubbling fast

Lemon Blueberry Bread

Lemon blueberry bread – Nora Cooks Vegan

Made with dairy, not vegan

Don’t forget to rub the zest into the sugar

Dredging the blueberries does help with sinking




Tomato tortellini soup – The Kitchn

Two 8-oz packs of tortellini

Could try one pack plus another pasta, or serving with grilled cheese


Fish + fake meat

Toasted sesame ginger salmon (How Sweet Eats)

  • 1/23 – halved the marinade for two salmon fillets — could make a half batch of the honey glaze

Spicy sloppy joes – Simply Scratch

  • 12/22 – Made half recipe with 12oz Impossible Burger – took 45 minutes to an hour


Vegan Lentil Sloppy Joes (A Couple Cooks)

  • 1/23 – made half recipe with brown lentils, made 5 servings — added a dash of mustard to balance the sweet ketchup flavor — cooked lentils in water with no salt
  • 4/23 – same as above, though more than a dash of mustard — also added a jalapeno and could have done more — made pickled onions but tbh I don’t think they’re needed — serve on buns with cheese for sure, mellows out the intensity

Pizza beans — Smitten Kitchen

Tangy braised chickpeas — Smitten Kitchen

  • 4/23 — made 1.5x batch (didn’t multiply sherry vinegar tho), served with egg noodles — try serving with roasted potatoes instead for texture — took ~45 minutes for two of us to prep and get in the oven

Quick pasta and chickpeas (Smitten Kitchen)

Spanish chickpea rice pilaf (Budget Bytes)

  • 5/23 – used a jar of marinated artichoke hearts, served with eggplant and castelvetrano olives 🫒

Bowl of mujadara Leftover Mujadara ish — Whole Foods

  • 1/23 – made with leftover rice and brown lentils


Eggplant layered with vegetables — adapted from Mark Bittman


Parmesan cream (milk) sauce — A Couple Cooks

  • 3/23 — served with salmon ravioli, tasty! Easy and quick




Peanut butter brownies – Nora Cooks Vegan

Fruit Desserts

Apple crisp – The Kitchn

Omit vanillabaked crumb top pie fresh out of the oven

Apple crumb pie with cream cheese pie crust