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An ongoing history of ethnic cleansing by the Russian state

Bookmarked Holodomor (Derek Kedziora)

It’s worth taking a few minutes to understand the the long history of genocide and ethnic cleansing along the southern edge of the Russian Empire, which culminated in Stalin’s artificial famines that were intended to absolutely destroy Ukrainian, Kazakh and other non-Russian groups in Ukraine and Southern Russia.

This story constantly repeats itself in Russian history. Brutally eliminate peoples that can’t be russified or easily subjugated such as Crimean Tatars and Circassians, resettle and russify people from the Western parts of the Russian Empire such as Ukrainians, Belarusians, Baltic peoples, Poles, etc., or force groups into a sort of feudal servitude such as the Buryats, Chechnians and Dagestanis.

(Her newsletter: Mariam on Ukraine)


Watched Murder on the Orient Express

Watched Murder on the Orient Express from

When a murder occurs on the train on which he's travelling, celebrated detective Hercule Poirot is recruited to solve the case.

Art and Design

Read Japanese Modern

Read Japanese Modern

With enticing visuals and a fascinating text, Japanese Modern: Graphic Design between the Wars is the first book to examine an often igno…

Looked at the pictures, skimmed some of the text 😂 Much more detail than I was interested in 🤷‍♀️

Two styles of Japanese lettering in extra bold and extra fine
I appreciate seeing how different alphabets / scripts can be varied even if I can’t read them 😂
Red type on white background, a block of text forming a triangle with two oversized characters below in a similar shape
A little reminiscent of that Secession poster — but this is advertising lettering for athletic gear? 😂 By Kashima Mitsuo


Black and white icon showing two hammers hitting a rounded head in profile
This is funky but I like it – icon for Hardhead, a Tokyo agricultural tools company, 1935
Stylized geometric block drawing of two girls diving against black waters in pink striped suits
These illustrations are cute – Toyonosuke Kurozumi, mid-1930s ad for Osaka National Railway
Naked girl with shadows obscuring her breasts, holding a red glass of port
First nude advertising photo in Japan – 1922 ad for Akadama Port Wine by Inoue Mokuda and Kataoka Toshiro