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Read Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places

“Uncommon Places: The Complete Works” presented a definitive collection of the landmark series, and in the span of a decade has become a contemporary classic.

Beautiful photos of ugly places. The color and lighting are lovely. He lends a loving eye to the peeling storefront, the kitschy motel decor, the empty intersections crisscrossed with wires. It doesn’t feel like he is mocking the people or places he photographs, but accepts them for what they are. Some of the images are hard to separate from retroness, especially ones featuring a lot of old cars, but some of the places are as familiar today as they were fifty years ago. I’m always confused and enticed by the story of abandoned places and buildings. So much of the West still feels empty and worn down.

I’m not sold on the name Uncommon Places except as counterpoint: to me these places feel very commonplace, anyplace, everyplace. Americana in all its consumerist, sprawling, dingy glory and decay.

At least some of the collection is viewable on his website.

Art and Design Resources and Reference

Zipatone textures

Bookmarked 1974 Zipatone Catalog (

Cover and swatches from a 1974 Zipatone catalog. Shading films were not unique to Zipatone, but as the leaders in the field, their catchy name has become synonymous with these types of pressure-sensitive pattern sheets. I scanned and uploaded the swatches rather large so that they can be used in Photoshop or Illustrator as patterns or textures. Today, most of these designs could be achieved with a few clicks of a mouse but for anyone who would like to inject a little 1970s realness into their work, I hope these will come in handy. Each swatch is 1800 x 1200 px (6” X 4” at 300 dpi). Have fun! Zipatone Inc., 1974


Singing to a Dead Crowd

Watched Billy Ocean – Love Really Hurts Without You (1976) by DJ. Zsori. Gold Hits. from

Billy Ocean – Love Really Hurts Without You (1976)

He DGAF that the live audience isn’t into it, he’s giving it all to the camera anyway. What a smile! They really did dress crazy in the 70s.