Romance Science Fiction

Read Stolen by an Alien

Read Stolen by an Alien (Stolen by an Alien, #1)

I broke the rules and stole an auction item from her buyers.
Because somehow, they’d managed to abduct a Gryfala princess.
Though… she doesn’t look, or act, or sound quite like I thought one of her kind would.
But I’m merely a Rakhii gladiator; this is the closest I’ve actually ever been to a princess.
I’d be considered lucky indeed if she chose me to guard her.
Instead, I want more.
I need her to claim me.
Because she doesn’t know it, but now I can’t let her go.

Woke up in a freaking auction pen.
With no coffee.
But there were aliens. And they didn’t bid on me out of the goodness of their hearts.
Then this nice alien showed up in the nick of time, but he keeps referring to me as “Princess” and I’m starting to worry what he’ll do when he finds out that there’s been a little case of mistaken identity, that I’m not royalty – see, I’m not even whatever alien he mistook me for…
I’m just a human.

The array of aliens the author created were interesting, with important cultural connections governing their interactions. Cultural misunderstandings and mis-translations between the hero and heroine are important to the story, and also add some funny elements. The world built is not nice, with an entire planet dedicated to selling slaves, and a race of “princesses” that are revered yet strictly bound by convention.

The writing is better than the blurb would suggest, and the heroine less of a ditz. This was written before the first work of hers I read, Contagion, (might be her first book?) and it feels more aligned with the stereotypical alien abduction genre, pulling in some tropes that I dislike (like the hero rescuing the heroine from sexual assault / attempted rape, and the heroine being fine in a lot of life-threatening situations and then flipping her shit over getting a shot). In both the love interest is a kind of scary alien, though in this one the alien is humanoid. Surprisingly, there’s only one explicit sex scene that I can recall, with others mostly alluded to in almost closed door style. I didn’t love the resolution of the story, which seems like it tries to have its cake and eat it too.

The cover illustration is actually pretty cool but the typography makes it look worse :/ It’s both off-genre and just not good.

Romance Science Fiction

Read Contaminated

Read Contaminated

The people of my planet are plagued by a devastating genetic curse. To treat the disease’s effects, we’ve turned to cultivating a rare flower. That’s my occupation: raising and studying this flower. That’s precisely what I’m doing the daycycle that an alien drops into our research plot, approaches our plant…
And cuts my flower’s head off, stealing the bloom.She stole our only hope. I can’t let her get away.

I liked this but not as well as the second one (which I read first 🤷‍♀️). A fun reimagining of Beauty and the Beast with lots of humor. I’d have liked it a little longer — a little more plot to make them act on their attraction would have been beneficial, I think.

Romance Science Fiction

Read Contagion

Read Contagion by Amanda Milo

One OCD neat freak alien.
One human woman.
Both are abducted and held captive in a very unsterile environment.
What more could go wrong?
Simmi: I’ve broken free and I’ve also freed the human who was held captive with me. But I don’t know where we are, and I don’t know where my home is. The local wildlife may be smaller than I am, and maybe they don’t have fangs near as large as mine, but I’m still terrified. My issues with germs–and my uncompromising avoidance of all the things that I’m afraid of coming into contact with–is going to get me killed in this wilderness.
Thankfully, Aurora lets me follow her.
Thankfully, she seems to know the way out of this endless and inhospitable woodland and desert biome.
But by the end of our journey, she’ll suspect she’s harboring a contagion. I have no way to know it, but she’s afraid to tell me. Afraid of how I’ll react once I find out what she’s carrying.

Fun, funny and hot. The germaphobe, terrified of strange animals Predator alien makes for some entertaining scenes.

I hadn’t read the book prior which was referenced a bit, but it wasn’t an issue.

One more round of proofreading would have been good — noticed some tense changes.