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This feels complementary to David Cain’s idea of a Depth Year — because without access to an endless, immediately satisfying catalog of online streaming, the amount of content you could consume would probably be a lot less, which could nudge you to give what you do take in deeper consideration.

This is something I think about occasionally because I naturally tend towards a MORE MORE MORE intake mindset. This mind garden is one tool I use to push myself towards more contemplation, and using more of my time for thinking versus reading or watching.

I also can see the appeal of taking a break from streaming with the frustration I’ve had with Tidal and the poor quality of streaming movies I’ve seen (e.g. sound sync problems in Dune, dithering in Tangled) 😉 But… someone’s suggestion in the comments of trying a month feels way more doable 😂


Listened to Austin Kleon interview Oliver Burkeman


Loved 4000 Weeks, enjoy Burkeman’s newsletter The Imperfectionist, and like Austin Kleon’s newsletters and blog. Kleon asked some interesting questions.

Tried listening on 1.25x speed which someone recommended to help keep my attention, and I think it helped.


Read at Whim

Liked Read at Whim! by Austin Kleon (Austin Kleon)

Reminding myself how I want to read

I needed this reminder – I feel like I’ve been trying to push myself to read more fiction beyond romance lately and I’m just not feeling it. I was slogging through Matrix which I saw many people recommend, and mentioned to my husband that I could only handle reading for twenty or thirty minutes at a time, is that how most people read? I prefer the immersive dive in and read a book in one sitting approach, five hours at a go. He was like, so why are you still reading it? Good looking out husband. Too many books to waste my relaxation time reading stuff that’s not for me. I’m usually a quit early and often type but have been trying too hard to give books a chance. If I don’t like it at 20% the odds I’ll like it better at 50% seem slim.

I like this idea of being whimsical about what to read next. I get a lot of my books from the library so it can be hard to be whimsical about what to read when there’s a two month waiting list on what I want to read and the book I wanted to read two months ago is finally available 😉 I’ve been trying to be more playful and experimental with Kindle Unlimited books, and sometimes read something without even looking at the reviews 😳 Tbh a lot of my reading list is just following on with whatever KJ Charles has read recently since I follow her on Goodreads and her taste seems to match mine well 🤷‍♀️