Learning Reflection

Books Change Minds

Quoted 3-2-1: On allowing yourself to be happy and full, and how small errors compound | James Clear by James Clear (James Clear)

Each issue contains 3 short ideas from James Clear, 2 quotes from other people, and 1 question for you.

“Books are more likely to change minds than conversations.

There is too much happening internally during conversation:

Did that sound stupid?
What do they think of me?
Will I lose the friendship over this opinion?

Books can let you chew on an idea without social risk.”

— James Clear

Personal Growth

The Obstinacy of Belief

Quoted Beat Yourself Into Plowshares by holly wood, phd (nothing mountain )

When I first started studying Buddhism in my twenties, I thought of it as a means to an end, a trusted and reliable vehicle for escaping the religion of my childhood. I reasoned that as I turned towards the Buddha, I would obviously be turning away from the Catholic Church. To me, at that time, that logic was rock solid.

Beliefs don’t just get up and leave your head because they can sense that they’re no longer wanted in your life. Convictions come with a stubborn obstinacy about them.

Holly Wood