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Parrots making Zoom friends

Liked Birds of a Feather Video-Flock Together (ACM Conferences)

Design and Evaluation of an Agency-Based Parrot-to-Parrot Video-Calling System for Interspecies Ethical Enrichment. | Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

This feels both sweet and appalling that social creatures are kept as solitary pets 🫤🦜

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Birds making group decisions

Bookmarked ‘Democracy’ governs mass jackdaw take-offs (

“Our study shows that by calling out jackdaws effectively ‘cast a vote’ and, when calling reaches a sufficient level, a mass departure takes place.”

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Watched Hummingbirds

Watched Hummingbirds from

David Attenborough takes us into the remarkable lives of hummingbirds via stunning slow motion photography. Everything about these tiny birds is superb and extreme. They have the highest metabolism, fastest heart beat and most rapid wing beat in the avian world. They evolved to feed on flowering plants but are now a crucial part of wider ecosystems. How do they mate, raise their young, and live?

  • Hummingbirds need to drink every 15 minutes
  • To not starve overnight they go into torpor
  • Feet and legs evolved to save weight but useless for anything but perching
  • Fuschia’s long pistils are for hummingbirds to hold onto while they drink
  • Red flowers common for hummingbirds to hide from bees which are red green colorblind
  •  Their hearts beat 1000x a minute when flying to supply their wing muscles with enough oxygen
  • Hummingbirds are only found in the Americas

A Happy Swan

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Swan’s reaction to human returning home.. 😊

Cool Nature Science

Supergene divergence leads to “four sexes” in white throated sparrows

Liked The Fascinating and Complicated Sex Lives of White-throated Sparrows by Kenn Kaufman (Audubon)

With their quadruple personalities, those little brown birds at your feeder are a lot more interesting than they might appear.

I am not a bird person but this is legit fascinating. They buried the juicy bit down at the bottom of the article.

Field researchers noticed over 25 years of research that the two color morphs of this species *nearly always* cross-breed with each other, so they dug into the genetics and discovered a supergene that influences hormones that influences behavior to the point where there are effectively FOUR sexes of these birds!

(Actually good) explainer video from the original paper:

(Go go basic science research! Sometimes you need to look at things close enough to realize there’s something interesting going on — originally they thought the morphs were juveniles!)

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Read False Knees

Read False Knees by Joshua Barkman

In Barkman’s debut print collection, False Knees fans will find old favorites along with an abundance of all-new material. Featuring creatures found in the author’s native Ontario, this always sharp, sometimes head-scratchingly bizarre collection of comics offers a view into the secret, surprisingly insightful world of blue jays, squirrels, geese, wolves, and rabbits.

Delightful. He nails the animal expressions and poses, which adds to the humor of juxtaposed anthropomorphism. I feel like my natural history background added another level of appreciation to several of the comics. None were laugh out loud funny for me but I enjoyed the whole book.

Art and Design

Risograph Bird

Liked Bullfinch Mini Card by Scout Editions (

Bird mini risograph print in pink and black

This is fun, one day I would love to design a riso print! I like that you use for density for shading and also enjoy how people stack two colors for a third. Like letterpress but a different vibe.