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Listen to yourself

Liked Taking a break from personal projects: Mental health and coding by James (

[I]f you feel anxious or worried about progress on personal projects, don’t feel that you have to continue.

👏 A good reminder that personal projects are not obligations, and sometimes quitting a project is the right choice.

Getting Shit Done

Breaks scale up with project duration

Liked The Longer It Takes, The Longer-Longer It Takes by Uri (Atoms vs Bits)

Here’s two intuitions I have:

Almost-everything takes longer than I think it will
Longer things take disproportionately longer than I think they will

I think many of my projects take longer than planned not because the work itself takes longer than I think it will, but because of long stretches of time where I do nothing at all — something comes up, weeks go by, and suddenly I realise I’ve made no progress at all on that-thing-I-was-working-on.

Yep, that rings true 😂