Business models for entrepreneurs

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This article will explain what a business model is and some common misconceptions about how they work. I will also explain 7 simple (and highly misunderstood) business models common in the small business space online. I’ll also share some thoughts on 2 simpler product-based business models. You’ll learn about their revenue potential, common marketing strategies, support, and more.

Packaged consulting is what I’m starting now:

A packaged consulting business likely has defined deliverables. But the deliverable is a knowledge product instead of the outcome of a service. Think a report or strategic plan rather than a website, copywriting, or brand suite.

I’ve had some ideas for courses in the past but I appreciate her points about needing to provide customer support, which I’m not interested in, and market it to a ton of people, which is also a lot of continuous work — and as I self-publish and promote my book, I’ll need to spend a lot of ongoing time marketing that.

I have some other product ideas, but I’ve left them on the back burner because I don’t have time or energy for creating and promoting those now.

Entrepreneurship Websites Work

Consultant Website Inspiration

Looking outside my field to draw inspiration from other consultant websites…

McLaughlin Method – “credentials at a glance” on about page, about nav specifies her name, homepage icon philosophy / differentiators, homepage section focused on benefits to the client

Miscellaneous things I liked on websites:
  • “ongoing learning”
  • 1% Real Rent commitment
  • “expertise” title
  • “quiz” as lead magnet
  • client shoutouts
Entrepreneurship Getting Shit Done

Attended Goal Setting and Business Planning

RSVPed Attending End of Year Goal Setting

With the upcoming new year, we’ve decided to two communal goal setting and business planning events, for all your productivity New Year’s Resolutions.

Hosted by the good folks at The Dream Foundry.

Helped me understand the difference between goals and business planning – and that I need to do some business planning.

Realize that things outside of your control are wishes not dreams

Accountability and planning tool with auto email check-ins.

Also handout had a brilliant concept: personal capacity check ins to base your to-do list off of your energy level on a given day.